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June 27, 2012

Glass Painting

Glass Painting-an easy, rewarding art work.

The following picture of my art work  is just a collage of my older pictures.

They were in a separate page. I've put them together for an easy view.

Glass painting is an interesting art.
All you need is an out liner( black), you get this along with the glass painting kit.
And solvent based glass colours. And of course a piece of clear glass:-)
It can be an old bottle, old glass containers or plain glass.

#1 Draw the design you want, on the glass.( free hand or using a design sheet underneath) with the out liner.

Make sure your hands do not shake when you do this. You can try different nozzles if you are not comfortable with the original tube.

#2Wait for the out liner to dry.( this may take a couple of hours) and fill in with the desired colours.

If you plan to clean the art work in future, you may prefer solvent based glass colours.( as in the case of planters)
Water based won't work.
If you're going to frame your art work, you can use either of the above.

#3 Wait for the paints to dry. Do not touch to see whether the paint has dried:-).  I say this because, our curiosity doesn't have measures:-)

You can gift your art work. It makes a memorable to gift to any one who receive it because you've taken time to do it:-)

Hope I imparted something I learnt:-)

I should thank my dad, who took care of my tot so nicely, that I had this time to post about my favourite piece of art:-) Thanks daddy!


  1. Hello Sarah,

    You make this beautiful art look so easy. Your method and tips are so helpful and the finish creations are lovely.

    I imagine your dad enjoyed the time with your little guy giving you opportunity to make this post :)

    1. Dear Lorraine, thank you for your sweet comment. Yes, my dad had a good time really!