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April 03, 2013

Felt Garden

I think "felt" is a very helpful and  a cute craft material. I've made the following craft with those cute fabrics. Hope you'll enjoy!

 The following pictures show how to make a "felt garden".

Choose any colour felt fabric, draw petals for the flower

and cut them

Now, take another contrasting colour and cut  a round shape for the center of the flower. Cut two center pieces. This is to hold the petals both front and back  


Now,glue the petals one by one to the center piece

Finally, glue the second center piece

 Now the flower is ready. Draw some grass and leaves in a green felt and cut them

 Cut stems from a brown felt

 Now arrange and glue them  to the desired base. I used a cardboard, glued a blue felt on to it, and have used it as a base.

Let it dry and  then add a message.



  1. that is really cute. I think I can handle growing those kind of flowers :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's always nice to have new visitors

  2. Really I feel I'm in the garden...very beautiful!

  3. I love your felt flowers Sarah, thanks for the pictures on how to do it. Thanks as well for visiting my blog today. ~ Abby

  4. Your felt garden is so cute and cheery! I don't have a "green thumb", but, like your first commenter, I think I could grow these. :)

  5. I love working with felt. They are so fun on pillows. I like your garden scene. Such a cute craft idea.

  6. Bookmarking this to try out soon...

    Thanks for sharing.