“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest"- Jesus. Matthew 11:28

June 05, 2013

B'day Greeting card

Made this Birthday greeting card with all the little things  I had at home. I just  love the paper I've used, which has cute roses all over.

Recently got a flower punching machine. With that I punched those cute white flowers and added small sequin embellishments  on them.  Hope it's visible!

 A closer look



  1. Whoever receives that beautiful card is going to feel extra special. Thank you for popping by. I see that we have a number of mutual friends as I've seen you commenting hither and yon. Isn't Blogdom a fun place?

    1. Oh! Indeed:). So nice of you dear Vee! I love encouraging words. And thank you for those sweet words!

  2. Such a lovely card, Sarah! I have been thinking about making more of my own cards as the store-bought greeting cards have gotten to be soooo expensive. Besides, it is always nice to receive something with a personal touch.

  3. Hi Sarah, so nice to meet you, what a beautiful card you have made, the color combination is so lovely. I always admire women who are gifted with their hands, thank you so much for visiting me, and for taking the time to leave me a sweet note.

  4. It's nice to see a flower punching machine product. I always linger over them in the craft stores. Your card is lovely and there's nothing like home made for making something even more meaningful!

  5. Hello Sarah! Thank you for visiting my blog the other day. I have had a great time looking around your blog. You have a darling little boy - and you are SO SWEET! I love paper crafts, too - and especially making things for my home and friends. I also love that you are a Believer. Thank you so much for your sweet blog! Let's become friends!

  6. Sarah!!!
    Many thanks for this lovely card u sent to me on my b'day :)