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November 06, 2013

Paper rose making

Hi all!

Guess what is today's post about? I think you guessed it right!.

I'm so excited to share some "Paper roses" I've made for the first time :) and the method I used ! Yes I have a small tute on the same :) May be you can take this as my version of making paper roses :). Because, I watched some fabulous tutorials on you tube on making paper flowers and roses and ended up with this method with changes here and there.

And you know what? I had some A4 plain white sheets left, after making my Sunday school certificates and didn't want to throw them just like that. So  ended up making varied colored roses :).

Okay, now to my  first set of roses. ( Two red and one orange)

The below picture collage explains the method

1. Draw circles
2. Cut the circles
3. Fold the circle in half  vertically
4. Another fold
5& 6. Third fold and mark the petal shape. ( You can draw any shape according to the flower)
7.Cut the shape
8.Open the circle
9. Paint with your favorite color  ( I used acrylic yellow and red, mixed ) on both the sides of the circle.
10. Cut a single petal out of one circle, and two petals out of another.
11, 12 & 13.Glue on one side  to form the base
14. These will serve as the bottom two layers
15, 16, 17 & 18. With the cut petals, form the bud. ( roll one single petal and glue the sides.).
19. With more petals form the centre bud. (Make sure they are glued and dried for some time).
20, Now you have this centre bud.
21. Cut the base of the bud. (before cutting, make sure it is dried enough).
22.Now place this bud in the centre of the base we've already made.Roll  the petals down ward  with your fingers to get some natural look.

Hope it was useful. I know you crafty friends are all already well versed in the art of flower making!  But I thought of sharing the method I used :) May be it will help some one who lands newly in my blog :).

Thank you for stopping by today!

Have a nice day.


  1. Wow..This looks so easy, rather looking out for a punch, this method seems to be very quick, will surely give it a try sooner. Thanks for the tute :)

    1. Thank you Durga.Yes, it is very easy and quick, except for the paint drying part.

  2. Lovely roses ! Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Beautiful roses! Have a wonderful day :) Hugs

  4. Lovely! Never thought of making a rose without a die or punch. Thanks for sharing

    1. Oh, great to hear from you Sunehra, You are such an expert!.Thank you :).

  5. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog today. I enjoyed seeing some of your art projects. These roses are amazing!

  6. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog today. Like you, I enjoy making things with my hands. Your roses are beautifully done.

  7. thank you for the tutorial Sarah... You've made it look easier :) and the roses are gorgeous!!
    Moxie Craftie

  8. They are just Beautiful, I usually use dies or punches to make mine so you have done these completely by hand, and a wonderful job you have done!

  9. Hello Sarah. Pleased to meet you .Thank you for calling into my blog and saying hello .
    Have browsed your posts and love your style of paper crafting which seems a little like my own . Here you have shared a simple way of flower making in a very clear tutorial . Thank you for that .
    Hope we can meet again soon .
    cheers Shirley-Anne

  10. Lovely flowers Sarah!! Very well explained!! I have tried a similar method earlier for making 6 petal flower, never thought of making a 8 petal flower. Will try it for sure. Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Pretty lovely creation. Love these cute roses.