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March 28, 2014

Tea Cup Exchange

Hello and welcome!!

I'm so glad to share with you another special  post today :) It's about the "Tea cup Exchange" I had participated. It was hosted by dear Stephanie of "The Enchanting Rose" blog. Her blog is full of pretty and amazing things! :) Stephanie's lovely arrangement for exchanging a tea cup with another blog  friend was really exciting! I have got two new friends from two different corners of the world! Yes it was a surprise to whom you send and from who you receive!

I got to send my little gift to Nina from Denmark and now I'm so happy that she received and enjoy them:)

Now I'm going to reveal who was the sweet person who sent me some lovely tea cup along with some lovely goodies.
                                          It's Libby !

Here's what sweet Libby sent me
She had sent me a lovely tea cup, some wonderful tea packets and her own photographed note cards.
They are so lovely, Libby :). Thank you so much for sending them!

Friends are hard to find. In a life time you get only a few.
And when you find them, you will always know them by sight and heart alone,
you always grow  a little taller in your soul,
and you know you have been blessed just to know them.
~Ashley Rice~
My sweet friend Stephanie sent me this "Thank you" Tag for joining the Tea cup Exchange. It's lovely Stephanie :). Thank you for your thoughtfulness :)
"A friend loves at all times"- Proverbs 17 :17

If you like to view the other participants and thhe sweet exchange all had, you can visit this link :

Tea Cup Exchange Link-Up

If you would like to join in the future, please visit Stephanie's  "The Enchanting Rose" blog

Thank you sweet friends, for visiting me today. Hope you enjoyed your time here :)


  1. Hi my lovely Sarah! Your tea cup from Libby is lovely and the cards she sent are full of nature's beauty :)

    It was such a sweet joy to have you join the exchange, thank you! Hugs and blessings!

    P.S.- The tea cup and gifts you sent Nina are so pretty!

  2. Sarah, what a beautiful & elegant cup you received, chock full of such marvelous bounty. This sounds like such a fun exchange to take part in, and each time you use that cup to drink something delicious, you can think of Libby, in another part of the world. TFS this sweet story with Blogland. Hugs

  3. Hi Sarah! I'm so glad you liked your package and that it arrived safely. This was a fun swap. Now I'm heading over to check out the rest of the teacup loveliness. :-)

  4. Just lovely and oh so sweet. Love my teacups and exchanging them is a lovely idea. Hugs, Beverly

  5. I have heard from a few bloggers about this delightful exchange. Such fun! Your gifts are so pretty :)

  6. Hello Sarah,
    What a lovely tea cup, and those cards are just beautiful! Such photography!
    My daughter, Stephanie has such a way of connecting ladies through these exchanges. This is my third exchange and I have met some very dear and lovely ladies.
    Enjoy your blessings, Debbie