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August 22, 2014

Getting To Know Me Blog Hop

Hi all!!

Very glad to meet you once again, through this blog post :). It's been quite some time I posted here. So today, I'm here with this "Getting to know me " post. Wonderful Neha of nehahandmadecards.blogspot  tagged me for this hop. She is a wonderful crafter and a good friend of mine in this blogging world. I admire her for her enthusiasm and very admirable crafts and projects she makes. So, here I go, without further delay, some few things I'm sharing about me and some of my previous creaiions to you all special friends. Hope you enjoy ;)

1.      What am I working on?

I’m currently making scripture cards. I entered a whole new world of blogging only through my search for scripture cards :).

2.      How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don’t think my work is very different from my other fellow crafters. But I do choose soft colour scheme most often. And I’m in a state where I’m constantly  working on improvising my card projects and other crafts and trying to be patient while I'm working! I say this because, most times I want to finish my work and get up! So you can imagine how much hurry I would be in ;).But I would like to give a precise answer for this question some day :P
Besides, card making I love to make nylon flowers,crocheting and glass painting and fabric painting. You can see some of my previous works below.

3.      Why do I write/create what I do?

My husband is the one who introduced “blogger” to me back in 2009  when I had plenty of time as stay at home wife . Now he regrets (lol) But always supports my projects and give opinions . Initially I just posted pictures of my crafts, after which I gave blogger a break of more than two years. Again back in 2012 when I came across itsy bitsy blog (introduced by my cousin and fellow blogger Cynthia) a whole new world of creating and writing began!

And more than any thing I basically like to make gifts for others and things for personal use. This has been my interest since child hood. I remember painting photo frames, drawing a picture, colouring, cutting it and sticking it (  as a child ) on photo frames and cupboards :P. And in my teens my craft teacher at school was my real inspiration. We made many beautiful things out of very simple materials under her supervision. So that really was in mind till I got settled in my own home :)

4.      How does your writing/creating process work?

My writing process is very simple. As you can seen in many of my posts, I keep it very short( at least try) :P.
My creating process goes like this,
When I make a gift for some one, I have that person in mind and make accordingly. Now a days more challenges inspire :P. But one day I desire my creations should be used for a really really good cause and so I'm seriously trying to bring out my best.

Thanks for being with me till now. And hope I've not bored you! I also like to thank all you for being so supportive in leaving comments and letting me know you were here. I appreciate it so much!! I thank Neha for giving me this opportunity. Its so good to have such friends through this blogging world which otherwise would not be possible.

Now it's my turn to introduce to you another wonderful, precious crafter Berina R.G.A!!! :P
She is an amazing person and a vivid crafter. Now she's enjoying some personal time with her precious little one. You can visit her at  moxiecraftie.blogspot.in to enjoy her variety of crafts. She is so good in jewellery making besides cards. And she is a wonderful supporter!! Please visit her and leave her some love :)


  1. Sarah I fell in love with your creativity seeing your stocking flowers and you are evolving day by day into an amazing crafter!! Loved reading about you!! The part about your husband regretting introducing you to blogland made me laugh!!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  2. Lovely post Sarah!!! It was really good to know about you. Loved your stocking flowers..

  3. thanks for tagging me Sarah!! I'll post it once ready :)
    Moxie Craftie

  4. Sarah, your flowers are exquisite! So delicate and beautiful. Your talent is truly God-given!
    Blessings, Ginny B

  5. Hello sweet friend! I enjoyed reading this post - it's a joy learning more about you :) I am glad your husband encouraged you to start a blog because you share many beautiful and inspirational ideas. Plus, your blog allowed us to meet :)

    Hugs to you!

  6. Ooh you started blogging back in 2009..Wow..long journey !! I loved to see your other projects.specially the glass paintings..Beautiful !!

  7. It was lovely knowing more about you, Sarah. Your cards have such beautiful colours, soft and dreamy and I always appreciate the scriptures you add to them. Your handmade flowers and glass paintings are beautiful.

  8. Great to know more about you Sarah...Loved your stockings and crochet flowers...

  9. You do such beautiful work in all your creations, I had to laugh when you said your husband regrets letting you know about blogger :) You wrote up a great post :)

  10. Enjoyed reading your post ! How nice to see your projects so creative !

  11. I really enjoyed "getting to know you" more. Absolutely amazed at all of your beautiful creations! You are very talented Sarah!