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March 08, 2013

Pen & Pencil Holder

Happy Women's Day to all my dear blog friends:-)

 I was doing some cleaning in my home, and I found some empty cartons lying in the shelves. I also had some craft papers lying without being used for a long time. So I came up with this idea of making a Pen & Pencil holder for the office table in our home.

I used a carton, removed the flap cover and decoupaged it with craft papers. I've decorated it with an orange quilled  flower, leaves and some stickers.

 A closer look at the flower

The following picture shows the carton and craft paper  I've  used to make this Pen & Pencil holder.

This is a very easy to do craft. You can also try this with your kids. They'll enjoy making  their own.


  1. Very pretty quill flowers! What a great craft project and wonderful with kids! Enjoyed your blog. Pam

  2. What a great idea, you did a nice job on your pencil holder, I like the paper quilling that you did. Thanks for visiting my blog today. ~ Abby

  3. You are the creative one, Sarah! Such a cute project!
    (Thanks for stopping by Thinking About Home and leaving your sweet comment.)

  4. Sarah is that a Baby bottle you have used there? I squirrel away all those bottles too... any small bottle. :-P... after looking at your blog I realize I have put my art imprint :-P all over house too... will post some of these on my blog... we ought to be sisters !!!