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March 04, 2013

Bird Feeder

Recycled Plastic bottle- Bird Feeder

March 20 is celebrated as World Sparrow Day. As I was reading an article in today's newspaper about the WSD and the disappearing sparrows, I  thought of contributing something from my end. Thus came up with the idea of making a bird feeder.
Though buying a bird feeder is much easier, I thought of reusing some old plastic for this purpose.
I've used a old plastic bottle and other simple things you could find around your home.

You will need:
1) Any plastic bottle
2) Wire or string
3) Wooden pegs
4) A long plastic spoon
5) A knife or a pair of scissors to cut holes

Tie the wire to the bottle cap by making a hole in the center of the cap.

Make some holes at the sides,  and above each peg and insert the wooden pegs and spoon.( For the perch)

Fill the bottle with bird food and close the bottle with the bottle cap.

Hope you have a nice time with  your feathered friends.


  1. I've been looking at your posts...my goodness, you are one talented gal! I love the bird feeter and now the pencil holder is fabulous, how pretty it looks. Thank you for the tutorial, I will make this with my grand girls, they would love it and so do I. Thank you for your sweet and kind visit, I've been under the weather, so I'm sorry I took long in visiting you, but I'm finally a little better. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Wonderful idea, love the pictures to go along with it. I have a facebook group for moms and will share a link there. Thanks. ~ Abby